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Secure Access + File Transfer

  • 256-Bit SSL Encryption at transfer and at rest
  • Content simply passes through system – after translation, content is expunged
  • User-authenticated access for OctaveMT browser-based UI

Browser-based OctaveMT translation UI

  • Instant access to OctaveMT – no install required
  • Interactive text translation – choose alternate terms
  • Document translation returns files with intact formatting
  • Use website translator to navigate and use fully translated and formatted websites

Supported File Formats

  • .txt, .rtf, .html, .doc(x), .ppt(x), .xls(x), and .pdf
  • Live files retain formatting so no DTP is required

Customizable Terminology + Grammar

  • Terminology bases available for 19 industry sectors, plus specialized social and technical terminologies
  • Custom corporate term bases available that integrate translation memories, glossaries and style guides.

Customized API Integration

  • Full integration of OctaveMT into client CMS, LMS, or other system

MS Office Add-In (Windows 7 and above)

  • Translate emails and documents directly within native MS Office programs
  • Available for Microsoft Outlook + Microsoft Word

Technical Support

  • Setup and onboarding support through installation
  • End-to-end post-install technical support available
  • Language quality improvement support


Translating online can be a risk to your data security – and sometimes, releasing sensitive data to technology giants like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft is against the law.

OctaveMT, powered by Lucy puts your data security first. OctaveMT uses 256-Bit Encryption on all data transfers, and as soon as your translated content is delivered back to you, we delete it from our system.

With a focus on the needs of users in regulated industries like legal, life sciences, insurance, finance, and IT, United Langauge Group developed the world's fastest, most flexible MT solution with security at the core. Backed by nearly 2 decades of research and development from our team of linguistic scientists and developers, this lightweight software combines the accuracy of traditional statistical and rule-based machine translation technology into a unique hybrid linguistic engine with the power to mirror your corporate voice – right down to your industry terminology and jargon – in over 40 language directions. All this, while protecting your privacy.

Text Translator
Cut-and-paste text of type directly into the tool for gisting translations in a secure environment.

Document Translator
Upload complete files and have translations returned with all formatting intact.

Website Translator
Translate complete websites in seconds for research purposes. Websites are fully navigable.

Custom Lexicons
Integration of your own glossaries or domain-specific term bases to improve overall accuracy.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allows translation of flat image files.

Microsoft Office Add-In
Translate emails and documents directly within Microsoft Word and Outlook with this plugin.

Dedicated Server Environment
Dedicated private server environment accessible via VPN or cloud access





“I've spent my career in language technology, including machine translation, and worked to build an extremely accurate and agile system that outperforms the free consumer tools on the market. When we joined ULG in March, it was an opportunity to scale our tools and release them to a larger base of customers seeking a more secure way to quickly translate texts and websites without compromising quality.”

– Daniel Grasmick, Founder and Managing Director of Lucy Software

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Custom GUI
Customized OctaveMT user interface that reflects your branding (logo, colors, fonts).


  • Improve sales + marketing intelligence with translated user reviews, surveys, and forum comments
  • Conduct sentiment analysis + market research with translated tweets and other social media posts
  • Provide translated technical support emails and chats
  • Translate specification sheets and technical documentation
  • Translate internal documents, HR forms, chat transcripts and emails
  • Train global teams with multilingual slide decks, documentation, surveys, and feedback forms

Text Translator

Document Translator

Website Translator

Custom Lexicons


Custom GUI

Microsoft Office Add-In

Dedicated Server Environment

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